Saturday, September 02, 2006

First consider Matt Casamassina's video interview with Perrin Kaplan at E3. It took place after the unveiling of the speaker in the Wii remote and there have been no further hardware features revealed since then.

2:50 @ Link

"Matt: More hardware surprises?
Perrin: Yes.
Matt: Are we going to see more hardware surprises?
Perrin: Yes.
Matt: Are you hiding stuff?
Perrin: Yes.
Perrin: Next question...
Matt: Still hiding stuff?
Perrin: Next question is why...
Matt: Wai, wai, wait lets continue on that one, hold on now.
Matt: Why are we still not seeing all of the hardware features.
Perrin: I like question number 5.
Matt: We're not going to question 5 yet.
Perrin: We have shared what we think is the most exciting stuff for this show.
Perrin: For hardcore gamers just pay close attention to us and... (Catches herself)
Perrin: We're going to work really hard also to bring the system into market so people can have a lot of hands on between now and launch.
Perrin: So, people will get a chance to feel the hardware for themselves, and the remote controller and see how that feels.
Perrin: And then we'll dole out a little bit more information."

Next is the Game Informer video interview, again with Perrin Kaplan at E3.


(Interview Begins)
(Perrin Holds the Wii remote up to her mouth and continues to speak into it)

"Perrin: Yes?
GI: Could you please introduce yourself and tell our readers who you are.
Perrin: I'm Vanna White-Berghammer.
Perrin: I'm Perrin Kaplan Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Nintendo and, oh my gosh, this is the Wii remote. I thought it was a microphone.
GI: It doesn't have a microphone.
Perrin: Yeah, uh no, but just see how versatile it is?
GI: It's actually a speaker.
Perrin: Well that's true but I'm just showing that it could be like a microphone."

(Later in the interview)
"GI: The home button what does it do?
Perrin: Press A so you can play.
GI: I could but, is this the button where you start telling me the answers to my questions?
Perrin: I made it a microphone earlier, you lost your opportunity."

OK so the Wii remote has a microphone, so next up is Satoru Iwata's comments at the E3 press briefing.

52mins @ Link

"Let me describe one more hardware feature.
No game console, no matter how powerful serves any purposes when it is turned off.
So, we designed our machine to provide owners a variety of services even when it seems like it is turned off.
Wii will become the system that never sleeps.
Using a design called Wii Connect 24, the console automatically enters standby mode.
Without the fan running, but still operating key functions and using the same power of a minuture lightbulb.
Importantly this means the Wii console can be constantly connected to the internet."

Lastly, just take a look at the philosophy given for the Wii name on Nintendo's website.


"Wii will break down that wall that separates video game players from everybody else. Wii will put people more in touch with their games … and each other. But you’re probably asking: What does the name mean? Wii sounds like “we,” which emphasizes this console is for everyone.
Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just Wii."

So at this stage we need to ask ourselves what could possibly justify the Wii name. It would have to be something that truely made the machine for everyone.

Think about it, we have a console called Wii meaning 'We' where the philosphy states it will put people in touch with each other. It is always turned on, always connected to the internet over wifi, has wireless bluetooth handsets that have a speaker and microphone built in.

This is the fastest growing technology in communications right now which ultimately could take over conventional phone lines in the future.

So which is it going to be, the Mario or Zelda theme as your ringtone?


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